Repair, Reinforce & Protect

From massive, deep-water bridges to docks and piers, CarboShield repairs and reinforces. Shells are available in round, square and octagonal shapes, with a variety of thicknesses, lengths and diameters depending on the application.

Concrete Pile Repair

Repair and reinforce eroding or damaged concrete piles

Wood Pile Repair

Use CarboShield to repair and strengthen wood piles

Steel Pile Repair

Fill and reinforce hollow steel piles with CarboSleeve

Bridge Pile Repair

Bridges are stronger and safer with CarboShield

Pier Pile Repair

Fix pilings on everything from fishing piers to military piers

Dock & Port Pile Repair

Small docks and huge ports alike can benefit from CarboShield

CarboShield for Marine Pile Repair

CarboShield Used for Bridge Rehabilitation by the Indiana DOT

CarboShield enabled the repair of steel piles supporting a bridge. Indiana DOT chose CarboShield thanks to its unique installation process—with no divers or cofferdams needed.

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