Don’t Rebuild—Reinforce

Even the most damaged wood piles can often be repaired with CarboShield pile jackets—saving money, time and disruption by avoiding more intensive construction.

Wood Bridge Pile Repair

CarboShield easily repairs and significantly strengthens wood bridge piles, more efficiently.

Wood Port & Dock Pile Repair

CarboShield is ideal for wood ports, docks and piers because it causes minimal disruption to operations

Wood Pier Pile Repair

CarboShield can strengthen—and maintain the beauty—of wood piers, for decades to come.

Don’t Just Repair Piles. Strengthen Them.

In tests at the University of Miami’s IAS-accredited lab, CarboShield-treated piles were 35 times stronger than unretrofitted piles. What’s more, they’re far tougher than fiberglass solutions—and can withstand decades of currents, pressure and extreme temperatures.

  • Durable, lightweight carbon shells

  • Easy, above-water installation—no diving

  • 60% cost savings thank to reduced labor

  • Third-party tested & code-compliant

  • Permanent & maintenance-free

  • Safe for marine environments

CarboShield Marine Pile Repair

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