Why CarboShield?

Why CarboShield?2023-10-23T03:07:26+00:00

Don’t Just Repair Piles. Strengthen Them.

In tests at the University of Miami’s IAS-accredited lab, CarboShield-treated piles were 35 times stronger than unretrofitted piles. What’s more, they’re far tougher than fiberglass solutions—and can withstand decades of currents, pressure and extreme temperatures.

  • Durable, lightweight carbon shells

  • Easy, above-water installation—no diving

  • 60% cost savings thank to reduced labor

  • Third-party tested & code-compliant

  • Permanent & maintenance-free

  • Safe for marine environments

CarboShield Marine Pile Repair

CarboShield is a game-changer—backed by nearly 40 years of science.

Proprietary, patent-protected technology

The CarboShield process is protected by several patents, so there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Developed by Industry Leaders

CarboShield’s founder is the authority on carbon-fiber reinforcement—in fact, structural design codes cite his research.

Tested & Proven
(in the Lab & Real Life)

Testing at the University of Miami and 30 years of real-world usage prove our technology’s superior strength and durability.

Trusted for Mission-Critical Applications

From military bases and nuclear power plants to bridges and ports, engineers trust us when the stakes are high.

CarboShield Installation

CarboShield installation is performed entirely above water—simpler, faster and with a much lower risk of human error.

Above water pile repair

CarboShield FAQs

Why is CarboShield better than fiberglass pile wraps?2023-10-17T17:21:22+00:00

We’ve seen first-hand fiberglass wrap repairs that have not stood the test of time when it comes to underwater/marine pile repair. Generally, fiberglass is not as strong or durable as carbon fiber and can crack or start to peel away from the pile under harsh marine conditions. CarboShield shells are designed to withstand decades of wear and tear. What’s more, most fiberglass pile repair solutions on the market require divers for installation, and the wrapping can become complex, messy and prone to human error. CarboShield shells are installed entirely above water, without the need for divers or cofferdams.

How does CarboShield work?2023-10-17T17:27:18+00:00

First, we work with your team to determine the right size and shape for the pre-manufactured CarboShield shells. From there, installation is simple. First, prefabricated half shells are placed on a staging area (a barge or platform) near the pile. Then, the two inner shells are placed together on a hanging tray platform, around the pile. Then, an epoxy is applied to the inner face of the outer two shells, so the outer shells can be applied to the inner shells—bonded together with the joints staggered to complete structural continuity in both hoop and vertical directions. This completes the shell around the pile as it sits on the tray, and then workers lower the tray into the water to the desired depth. This process continues until the pile is covered, at which point workers pump polymer grout into the space between the pile and the shells.

How do I know if CarboShield will work on my piles repair needs?2023-10-17T17:30:34+00:00

CarboShield shells fit a variety of pile sizes, shapes and materials (including wood, steel and concrete). The system can repair and reinforce piles in even severe states of degradation. If you are unsure if CarboShield will work for your needs, contact us here.

Does CarboShield require preparation to the pile surface?2023-10-17T17:32:10+00:00

The CarboShield system can be designed to withstand all applied forces that are acting on the existing pile. In this approach, no surface prep of the existing pile is required. If composite action, or only protection of existing pile is desired, careful surface preparation of the existing pile is necessary. Surface preparation can be accomplished with high-pressure water blasting or mechanical grinding. The prepared surface must be free of all biological buildups, laitance or other contaminants that can inhibit the bond of the grout with the existing pile surface.

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