Repair, strengthen and protect in one installation

CarboShield is a stronger, smarter, permanent repair solution for bridge piles, columns, marine piles and more.

Strong, Economic Structural Rehabilitation

Corrosion-resistant, lightweight, ultra-strong carbon casings that are bonded together and fitted around corroded or damaged piles, with minimal need for commercial divers or other specialty contractors.

CarboShield Advantages

CarboShield carbon fiber technology is a permanent solution for restoring vitally important marine infrastructure. It does more than repair and rehabilitate degraded structures: it makes commercial ports safer, bridges stronger and piers last longer.

Durable and lightweight

Minimal surface preparation needed



Heavy equipment optional

Minimal service disruption

Adapts to all shapes and cross-section types

Minimal underwater work needed

Advanced Carbon Fiber Composites for Repairing Bridges, Piers, Ports and More.

CarboShield is an innovative application of advanced carbon composites that creates specialized shells used to repair, protect and strengthen bridge columns, marine piles, h-piles and more.

All repair work can be performed above water and in far less time than current available solutions – and with the strongest, highest quality materials in the market today.