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Our patented carbon-fiber shells are a stronger, easier and more cost-effective solution for permanent bridge and marine pile repair—without the need for divers.

The CarboShield Difference

Traditional pile repair is complex and costly. Fiberglass wraps break down prematurely. CarboShield is the smarter alternative—and the only one of its kind on the market (backed by 40 years of R&D).

Stronger & More Permanent

CarboShield shells are made from advanced, high-strength, non-corrosive Carbon Fiber. This results in piles that are 35x stronger than before and longer-lasting than other remediation solutions.

  • High-strength (400 KSI tensile) and lightweight (one-fifth the weight of steel)

  • Superior to fiberglass; corrosion resistant, high thermal compatibility and excellent fatigue behavior

  • Maintenance free

Easier, Faster Installation

CarboShield allows for installation completely above water, eliminating the need for divers and significantly reducing the time and cost of installation.

  • Pre-built shells for fast, foolproof installation

  • Minimal surface preparation, minimal service disruption and reduced risk of human error

  • Adapts to all pile shapes and cross-section types

More Cost-Efficient

CarboShield’s unique application process can cut overall repair/reinforcement costs by as much as 60% thanks to greatly reduced labor.

  • Easy installation cuts project labor by 60% or more

  • No divers, no heavy equipment and no adverse effects on marine life and environments

CarboShield pile repair

How it Works

CarboShield installation is performed entirely above water—simpler, faster and with a much lower risk of human error.

CarboShield How it Works
Hamid Sadaatmanesh CarboShield

Nearly 4 Decades of Carbon Fiber Expertise

CarboShield’s founder, Dr. Hamid Saadatmanesh, is the industry authority on carbon-fiber reinforcement. From explosion-proofing to nuclear pipeline reinforcement to pile repair, his work has been proven over the course of more than three decades and over 150 publications. 

Indiana U.S. 20 Bridge Repair

CarboShield saved the Indiana DOT time and money on a bridge rehabilitation project on U.S. 20 by repairing submerged steel piles without the need for divers or cofferdams.


Stronger than un-reinforced piles

In third-party tests, CarboShield-treated piles were 35 times stronger than unretrofitted piles.


Cost savings with reduced labor

Without the need for divers or cofferdams, the CarboShield system delivers huge savings.

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