Above-Water Pile Repair

CarboShield offers a minimally disruptive repair solution that can stand up to tough commercial marine conditions: large commercial ports, port facilities for inland waterways, industrial loading docks, dry ports, terminals, fuel docks, fishing piers, ferry docks, military piers and more.

Commercial Port Pile Repair

No need to disrupt busy ports and freight operations—Carboshield offers fast, easy installation

Dock & Pier Pile Repair

Picturesque peers and rugged commercial docks alike can benefit from CarboShield reinforcement

Military Pier Pile Repair

Military and naval bases can rely on the tough, maintenance-free nature of CarboShield for marine pile repairs

Hamid Sadaatmanesh

A leading authority on concrete reinforcement

CarboShield’s founder, Dr. Hamid Saadatmanesh, is the industry authority on carbon-fiber reinforcement for concrete structures. In fact he has worked with the American Concrete Institute to publish several articles on the topic, and his papers have been cited in concrete design codes and standards.

Don’t Just Repair Piles. Strengthen Them.

In tests at the University of Miami’s IAS-accredited lab, CarboShield-treated piles were 35 times stronger than unretrofitted piles. What’s more, they’re far tougher than fiberglass solutions—and can withstand decades of currents, pressure and extreme temperatures.

  • Durable, lightweight carbon shells

  • Easy, above-water installation—no diving

  • 60% cost savings thank to reduced labor

  • Third-party tested & code-compliant

  • Permanent & maintenance-free

  • Safe for marine environments

CarboShield Marine Pile Repair

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