CarboSleeve for rapid remediation of hollow steel piles

CarboSleeve is a high strength, internal reinforcement and strengthening system for steel piles and other large hollow structural columns.

This specialized composite system uses carbon and glass FRP to reinforce steel marine piles and bridge columns used in marine environments, including off-shore industrial platforms, ports, and other critical infrastructure.

Galvanic protection

CarboSleeve is made of glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), or, where additional load strength and support are required, it can be configured as glass fiber on the outer sleeve and carbon fiber on the inner sleeve, both acting as a galvanic corrosion protective shield.

Above water installation

CarboSleeve allows for installation completely above water, eliminating the need for scuba divers and significantly reducing time, risk and cost of installation.

After inspection and pressure blasting of the steel pile’s internal surface, CarboSleeve is inserted through a small entrance hole at the top of the pile. A thorough inspection process ensures complete internal coverage by CarboSleeve prior to applying grout.

Special epoxy grout is then pumped into CarboSleeve, filling the internal space of the steel pile from the bottom up. The fibers act as a tension element, and the grout as a compression element, converting the pile into a corrosion-proof reinforced marine pile.

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