CarboShield: Solid, durable, full encasement pile repair

CarboShield is a stronger, smarter, more permanent pile and column repair solution.  It does more than rehabilitate degraded or damaged structures: it makes commercial ports safer, bridges stronger and piers last longer.

These durable, carbon fiber encasements form a bonded, fully enclosed shell that is lowered into the water around existing piling. The shell casing is then pumped full of polymer grout, and once cured, forms an ultra-strong, highly corrosion-resistant pile protection system.

Traditional methods involve heavy, costly, dangerous pile replacement equipment and coffer dams. The use of heavy machinery is often damaging to the surrounding landscape and can be unnecessarily wasteful.

Additionally, temporary supports are typically built during a full replacement process, leading to extraneous steps, cost and time. 

Advanced repair

CarboShield is an advanced, innovative repair application using carbon fiber to create durable, specialized protective shells. All installation work can be performed above water in far less time than traditional approaches – and with the highest quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) in the industry.

CarboShield can repair concrete, steel, masonry and timber, making it a viable economic repair solution for all major materials used in marine construction.

Compared to costly pile wraps that can become loose and detached within a few years, CarboShield is an innovative application of advanced carbon composites manufactured into durable, impermeable shells.

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