CarboShield is a high strength composite shell made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). Each shell is custom-made and available in round, square and octagonal shapes. The thickness of these shells varies from 1/16” to 1/4” based on design loads. Other shapes and sizes are available upon request with generally four weeks of lead time.

The CarboShield system can be designed to withstand most applied forces that are acting on existing piles. CarboShield retrofits structural piles made of timber, steel or concrete, and is used to refurbish marine piles, bridge piles, utility poles, cell towers, support columns and more.

Repair applications for CarboShield include:

• Timber, steel or concrete piles, at or below water line

• Marine piles, utility poles, bridge piles, cell towers, support columns

• Maritime repairs for large commercial ports, port facilities for inland waterways, industrial loading docks, dry ports, terminals and other commercial freight operations

• Freeway bridges, inlet bridges, fuel docks, historic bridges, fishing piers, ferry docks, military piers and more.

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